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The Car Challenge

The Car Challenge is a competition with a twist! Tiny is donating a car and everybody has the opportunity to win it. But first we need to raise money for charity.

Here’s how The Tiny’s Car Challenge will work:

First part

We will have more than 30 charities who can benefit from this challenge. Commencing on the 1st of August you’ll have three weeks to raise as much money for your chosen charity. It’s not too late to start.

The top 20 people who have raised the most money overall will have a chance to win the car. So get creative people, get your friends, family, work mates, gym buddies, sports teams, neighbours - everyone you can think of involved and make as much money for charity as you can.

Second part

This is the simple part… The top 20 fundraisers overall will then all place a hand on the car. The last person still with their hand on the car at the end will win the car. Second prize is $5,000 cash!!

Registration for Fundraiser

If you would like to register for this challenge CLICK HERE.


If you don’t wish to be a fundraiser but want to donate to a charity, please click on this link

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Here’s the Fine Print…

The competition starts on the 1st of August 2020 and you will have three weeks to raise as much money as you can for your chosen charity. All funds donated between the 1st of August and midnight the 21st of August will be counted. On the 24th of August the top 20 fund raisers will be notified that they’ve got a chance to win a car.

Participate in the contest
On the 3rd of September the contest will start at 10am. You will need to be available from the 3rd of September for the duration of the competition. We believe the contest may last 2- 3 days, so get some sleep before you start, and wear something comfy on the day. You’ll get a 10 minute break every 2 hours but for the rest of the time, you’ll need to keep your hand on the car. It’s ok to bring your phone and headphones or laptop with you and plenty of snacks etc. Use the time to study or catch up on your Netflix binging, but no matter what, you need to keep your hand on the car. There’s no tagging out or switching players. The last person with their hand remaining on the car will win it! Have you got what it takes?

Special rule
You raise the money and you can nominate anybody you like to be the competitor or yourself. E.g. You might be a 12 year old raising money for your charity and would like to win a car for your Nanna who’s never had a new car. If you raise enough money to participate in the second part of the competition, you can get your uncle (who’s an insomniac) to be the competitor on your behalf.

The Prize
The last person with their hand remaining on the car will win a brand new 2020 model VW Polo as pictured above. The prize includes all on road costs including ACT rego and will be ready to go.

There is a 2nd Prize
There’s always got to be a consolation prize. If you are the second last person to take your hand off the car you will win $5000 cash, which has been very generously donated by Kellie at McIntyre Real Estate.

When and Where
The first part of the competition, the Fundraising part, will commence on the 1st of August 2020 and close at midnight on the 21st of August 2020.
The second part of competition, where the hands are on the car, will be held inside the Canberra Outlet Centre commencing at 10am on the 3rd of September. Competitors or their nominees, will need to report at the car on the ground floor location at 9:15am on the 3rd of September and must be available for the duration of the competition. I.e. for as long as you can hold out without taking your hand off the car. If you give up, you can go home.

Highest money gets the best possie
If you’ve raised the most amount of money, you’ll get first pick of the position on the car that you’d like to be. Subsequent spots will be taken by the next highest money raiser and so on until all 20 spots have been taken. Note – the car will be locked, you can only hold your hand on the outside of the car.

The Judge’s decision is final
Judges will supervise the competition around the clock, if you take your hand off the car, you will loose your chance to win. The last person with their hand on the car will win the car.

So - Do you want to win a car? Anybody can enter, and Aussie charities will benefit.

Some rules
• Heath check form to be filled out prior to commencement of the competition
• Covid rules
Organisers will be taking all measures to make the environment for the competition as safe as possible. Sanitiser will be provided. If you feel unwell or have any cold or flu like symptoms, please let us know as you may not be allowed to participate. Health checks will be carried out before and during the competition to ensure the safety of all participants and organisers. You are welcome to wear gloves and or a mask for extra precaution.
• You can have drinks and snacks when you are at the car (full meals you can do on your break)
• No alcohol or smoking permitted
• We need to know any Allergies you may have.
• Basic chair will be provided after the first 10 hours
• Bad behaviour, violence, abusive language and heckling of other contestants will not be tolerated
• The judge’s decision is final

What constitutes Disqualification/Elimination
• Removing hand
• Abuse of other players, support personnel or onlookers
• Breach of the guidelines

Tips on fundraising
• Share what you are doing with your friends, family and work colleagues
• Social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc
• Put it on your face book with a slogan like help me win a new car etc etc
• Talk about your charity and why you are passionate about it

Charities so far...

  • ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group
  • Canberra City Care
  • Canberra Hospital Foundation
  • Canberra Police Community Youth Club
  • Rosemary Drabsch Team Captain, Bold Bandannas Fundraising For The CCACT
  • Daineres Rainbow - Paediatric Brain Tumours
  • Domestic Violence Support Service
  • Drought Angels
  • Hartley Lifecare
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Karinya House
  • Lids 4 Kids
  • Missing School
  • Project Independence
  • Rainbow Paws
  • Starlight Foundation
  • Veteran's Support Centre

... and counting

• Who is eligible to enter?
The competition is open to everybody. Anybody can raise funds for their chosen charity.
If you are under 18 you must have your parents /guardian’s permission to participate in the Hands-On Car component of the competition.
• Does it have to be a Canberra charity?
No, any charity can apply, as long as they register with between 23 June 2020 and 22 July 2020.
• Why is it open to all charities?
Tiny has decided to open it up to big and small charities so every one of them have the opportunity to benefit from the competition.
Tiny believes in giving every charity a go, no matter how big or small, plus their fundraiser could win a car!
• Is this a registered competition?
Yes. Permit No ACT TP 20/00810
• What does get out of this?
Tiny gets the joy! This is part of Tiny’s goal to raise $2,500,000 for the Canberra community over the next few years and to have some fun doing it.
Tiny, along with sponsors, have donated the car and the set-up costs. All monies raised goes directly to the fundraisers’ nominated charity. Absolutely no funds raised will be received by Tiny.
• Do all the funds that I raise go to the Charities?
Apart from a small fee deducted by My Cause, the rest of the money you raise goes directly to your chosen charity.
• What happens if 60 people have chosen the same charity?
That is fine.
There are no restrictions on how many people can have a fundraising page for their chosen charity.
• What if I’m passionate about two Charities?
You may nominate both charities on two different fundraising pages.
However, if both of your My Cause pages qualify for the Hands-On component of the competition, you must choose to either nominate a friend to take part with you or you can forfeit your second place and allow another person to compete.
E.g.: One individual gets one chance. If you have two entries, you must nominate another participant or forfeit the 2nd entry.
• If I am one of the top 20 fundraisers and I don’t’ want to participate or I fall ill, can I nominate someone to replace me?
YES, they can do it for you, but remember if they are under 18, they must have their parent’s/guardian’s permission to enter.
The person must also complete all necessary paperwork to participate.
• Where is the car coming from?
Lennock Volkswagen, Phillip, ACT.
• What is the car?
VW POLO 2020 70TSI Trendline (White). 5 Seed Manual, 4 doors, white including 12 months registration (ACT or NSW), compulsory third party insurance, stamp duty and dealer delivery charges ready to drive away, valued at $22,199.
The prize winner is responsible for additional insurance, petrol and all other ancillary costs.
• When do I get the car?
The car will be available from Lennock VW at Phillip, ACT.
• Will there be a 2nd prize?
Yes - $5000 cash from Kellie Chalker-Hall, McIntyre Real Estate, Canberra
• What is the long-term goal for Tiny’s Car challenge?
Tiny wants this to be an annual event and to show other cities that a simple idea can raise a lot of money to help our community.
• When is the competition?
The fundraising component (the first part) of the competition will be held between Midnight on the 1st of August and midnight on the 21st of August.
All funds raised in that 21-day period will be included in the competition.
Your fundraising page will stay ‘live’ until 6 September for further contributions to your page. BUT…only the money raised until 21 August 2020 will be valid for the competition.
The Hands-On component (the second part) will commence at 10am on Thursday the 3rd of September and continue until the last person has their hand on the car.
Competitors will need to also register at the competition site at 8.30am on the 3rd of September and be ready to compete.
• Where is the competition?
The Car Challenge component of the competition will be held in the Canberra Outlet Centre, so you will be protected from the weather and be close to amenities.
• Must you be standing?
For the first ten hours, participant will be required to stand. After that, seats will be provided for use or not
• What if I need a toilet break?
You will have a 10-minute break every 2 hrs where you can use the toilets or have a meal.
• What is the definition of a hand?
Your entire palm must remain on the car at all times, except for the break times.
• Are you allowed to swap your hand to a different position?
Yes – but ONE hand must stay on the car at all times for the entirety of the competition.
• Can I just have a finger on the car?
No – your entire palm must be on the car. You may lift your fingers from time to time, so long as your entire palm stays in contact with the car.
• Can I use assistance to hold my arm up with sticky tape?
No – no foreign aids can be used to assist you in holding your hand on the car.
• Is food and drink provided?
Bottled water will be provided, but you will need to bring your own food.
• Can I wear personal safety equipment?
Yes, you are welcome to wear gloves and or a mask for extra precaution.
• Can I bring my mobile device e.g.- phone, ipad etc?
Yes - as long as you have head phones so not to disturb the other contestants.
• Will there be medical / Security facilities available?
• Can I have a family member with me?
Yes, you can bring as many people as you like with you to support you.
But they must stay outside the roped off area
• Can I tag out and swap a player?
No – only one person can compete for the prize.